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A new player on the security services market

A new player on the security services market – Telecom Data Consulting    With data showing that the number of devices connected through IoT (Internet of Things) will grow from 2.5 billion in 2017, up to 5.4 billion in 2020, it`s no wonder that the telecom sector and the security field are getting closer than […]

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New year, new business

2018 has brought some important changes for Telecom Data Consulting, in terms of business diversification, but not only this. We`ve recently added security services to our portfolio and that brought some changes. New certifications, new team members and new presentation in front of our clients and partners. You can see all these reflected on our […]

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Vidyo – Telemedicine

Vidyo`s survey – 75% of Healthcare Delivery Organization are using TELEMEDICINE or plan to use it in the near future. Are you among them? In Romania, we have huge problems in the healthcare public sector. Many of our young doctors are leaving the system and even the country in search of a better professional life. […]

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Is outsourcing a solution?

Is outsourcing the solution for you? In a world where the most successful companies are the flexible ones and those who know how to adapt to today’s requests and offer the best customer experiences, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services are expanding. Our services are ideal for companies that are just now implementing contact center solutions, […]

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Aren`t these the expectations that you hope your telecom partner will fulfill? We have over 12 years of experience on the Romanian telecom market so we`ve had the chance to analyze the needs that each industry has when it comes to communications systems. You cannot address the same offers to different companies/structures, because a good […]

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Communications solutions

Communications solutions and the main ways to use them It`s been a long time since the telecom notion is not related only to telephones and PBX. Technology has developed in different areas and it is now using the telecom solutions in many different fields and forms. That is why explaining what we ( actually do […]

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You get more than what you first see!

You get more than what you first see! To be there for our clients in every way possible, we offer a series of services designed to complement and to add value to a modern communications infrastructure. Consulting & Design We make sure you make the best out of your communications solution by offering consulting & […]

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3 reasons why things will never be the same again

3 reasons why things will never be the same again It you run a business these days, you want to grow but you still hesitate when it comes to upgrading your systems, think twice, but please, just twice, because you do not have too much time. Technology is developing in a peace that no one […]

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4 ways to improve your call-center performances

4 ways to improve your call-center performances Autumn is here! We are all getting ready for a new season of business performances. Summer was a great time to think about all the necessary upgrades that need to be made in order to make of your company the most profitable one so far. Now it is […]

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Do you run a SMB? Then give this a thought!

Do you run a SMB? Then give this a thought! The mistake that those who run a SMB usually make is the fact that they think small and tend to remain small. This is often applicable to the phone system they use too. We don`t have enough money… We don`t need the fancy new features […]

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