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Intrusion Detection

The security process starts with detecting the intrusion attempts and continues with warning, alarm, until the transmission of the events to a security call center. We offer systems that can be integrated with access control, video monitoring, perimeter detection, allowing the unitary management of this field.

The property break detection and alarm systems that are designed and installed by us aim to fulfil the demands of medium and high security applications.

Within the implementation of such systems we always choose professional equipments, with a low rate of false alarms, easy to use and providing extended features.

Using intrusion detection is perfectly applicable for residential buildings, industrial places, institutions, commercial places.

It insures detection of only human intrusion, without generating false alarms. The system alerts the beneficiary and, at the same time, the security company

The alarm can be set on site, as well as remote and the alarm system can be completed with a digital/vocal communicator.