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We have a big experience in planning, installing and maintaining Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate Contact Center application. An IVR system accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad, voice recognition, text to speech selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, e-mail and perhaps other media.

An IVR application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations, keypad signal logic, access to relevant data and, potentially, the ability to record voice input for later handling.

Using computer telephony integration, IVR applications can hand off a call to a human being who can view data related to the caller at a display.

We have experience in providing IVR systems to companies activating in various fields including:

  • Energy;
  • Financial Services;
  • IT;
  • Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Governmental Domain;
  • Others.