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In a world of dynamics and flexibility, the collaboration solutions are more important than ever. Teams must communicate and projects need to be moved forward while everyone is on the move. Whether you think about voice, video calling or instant messaging, Telecom Data Consulting – through its partners, the most important telecom vendors worldwide – can offer you the most efficient solutions.

What can you do with collaboration solutions?

  • You can initiate a variety of meetings, through different communications channels
  • You can have multi points video conferences
  • Participants to a meeting can use web-based collaboration softwares
  • You can use file/screen sharing
  • You can integrate your outlook calendar
  • Conferences can be recorder
  • You can custom access codes
  • You can organize polls
  • File management is really easy

What are the main benefits of using these solutions?

  • Being able to communicate anytime leads to significant reduces of costs
  • A team that collaborates efficiently is more productive
  • You are truly dynamic when you can communicate anytime, anywhere. No important decision or action is postponed.

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