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Service & Maintenance

Once the communications solution is implemented, you continue to benefit of TDC`s service and support, so you can be certain that your system works at its full capabilities.

  • Response Service – engineering support is provided either remotely, or, if required, locally, within a contracted timeframe – suitable where loss of voice services does not negatively impact the organization.
  • TDC’s Restoration Service has been designed for systems that are business critical or loss of service would cause a significant level of disruption to the organization.
  • “Move Add Change” MAC –  for organizations that need to ensure that the solution evolves as their business changes, to continue to drive the maximum return on their investment.

Traditionally, support of network infrastructure was, and still is, based on “responding” to a fault call by dispatching a technician to a customer site with the appropriate replacement parts. This reactive approach does not meet the needs of critical systems as there is no predictability as to when the service will become available again.

TDC understands the demand that support services must avoid, resolve, or mitigate these causes.