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Firewalls and Advanced Threat Prevention

Our solutions will provide high-performance security with advanced, integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.

You will benefit from our expertise for policy-based awareness and control over applications, users, and content to stop advanced cyber-threats – all in a single device; or on-premises protection against the evolving cyber threat landscape with advanced threat detection, consolidated security analytics and one-touch threat mitigation.

Management and Analytics

Network administrators are dealing with multiple management environments for the management of different products. In general, vendor specific applications are the best tools for configuration and lifecycle management, but operational managers lose track of the quantity and the diversity of the daily logging from various sources. Organizations are dealing with regulations and should be able to identify and track incidents in their infrastructure.

The challenge for any business is collecting the right information and taking the right measures based on the different events, logs, flows and alerts, and even more importantly, determining which measures must be taken.

To reduce complexity, there is need for an integrated security management approach that gives managers more insight into application flows on the network, in which correlations are established between different events and from different sources (e.g. firewall, router, server, application). Network based anomaly detection can also be part of this preposition.