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You get more than what you first see!

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You get more than what you first see!

To be there for our clients in every way possible, we offer a series of services designed to complement and to add value to a modern communications infrastructure.

Consulting & Design

We make sure you make the best out of your communications solution by offering consulting & design services. With detailed knowledge of the IP telephony, contact centers, messaging systems, and mobility solutions, TDC consultants ensure that a new or enhanced solution provides the level of system availability required.


Just as we sell solutions, not boxes, we make sure you don`t only install a new solution, but you also implement everything necessary so that your business benefits of all the features you`ve chosen.

Our project management teams are experts in delivering projects based on the principles of quality, time, and cost. Using industry`s best practice processes, each project is planned and managed to ensure business success.

Certified technicians are trained to ensure that they have the detailed knowledge of the products in the TDC solution providing a level of expertise that will deliver confidence as part of the solution.

We have the resources, the systems and the professional teams necessary to design complex networks that answer to all requests that a business has these days.

However, if you already have a network up and running, the best way to get more efficiency is by improving your LAN performance. In order to make the best out of your communications solution, we will implement Standardization and Quality of Service even on an existing network.

Service, Support & Training

Once the communications solution is implemented, you continue to benefit of TDC`s service and support, so you can be certain that your system works at its full capabilities.

Response Service – engineering support is provided either remotely, or, if required, locally, within a contracted timeframe – suitable where loss of voice services does not negatively impact the organization.

TDC’s Restoration Service has been designed for systems that are business critical or loss of service would cause a significant level of disruption to the organization.

Move Add Change” MAC –  for organizations that need to ensure that the solution evolves as their business changes, to continue to drive the maximum return on their investment.

We help your technical team understand the new solution and we train them to use it correctly and at the best of its capabilities

BPO (Business process outsourcing)

We offer BPO services so that our clients can minimize CAPEX. BPO services apply to: Network administration, Contact Center and IVR systems, UCC solutions, Unified Messaging, Call Recording and Quality Monitoring systems

The number of services TDC provides in continuously growing, as we do our best to fulfill the necessities of our clients –