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Aren`t these the expectations that you hope your telecom partner will fulfill?

We have over 12 years of experience on the Romanian telecom market so we`ve had the chance to analyze the needs that each industry has when it comes to communications systems. You cannot address the same offers to different companies/structures, because a good consultant knows that each one has its distinct needs.

Telecom Data Consulting provides solutions to service providers, governmental institutions, healthcare companies, education institutions, energy and financial services providers. In this context, we have a clear image of the specific needs each of our clients wants us to fulfill.

Government institutions

A public institution serves the public needs and the way its staff interacts with it is essential. Service to citizens can be enhanced through a significant reduction in abandoned calls by incorporating advanced call handling and routing.

Except this, for an institution it is of great importance to have an efficient inter-institutional communication and the new technologies Telecom Data Consulting implements do exactly this.

Educational institutions

The process of learning and that of teaching have changed a lot. The new data and communications solutions are really helpful in adapting to the vision and expectations of the new generation!

The solutions Telecom Data Consulting offers are easy to adopt, integrate and use, whether you already have communications and data system that you want to upgrade or you want to implement a new one from scratch.

These solutions help both developing new ways of learning and improving the collaboration between teachers, students, parents and any other stakeholders.

There are so many activity fields in which technology and a good telecom partner could help education these days:

  • Conference solutions
  • Communications tools for students (in or outside campuses)
  • New learning interactive platforms
  • Messaging solutions that involve parents and the society
  • and many others.

Medical system

If you want your medical center to be appreciated and your clients satisfied, you need more than good doctors and modern medical care services. Often, it all starts with a phone call! So, make sure that your contact center is performant and updated with the latest features.

We offer cloud-ready and modular on-premises voice solutions, as well as contact center call handling, monitoring and reporting, enterprise mobility and outbound notification features.

Financial institutions

Things have changed in terms of customer interaction for the financial institutions. More and more clients are willing to use self-service tools just to save time. The financial companies nowadays benefit of many technical solutions that, once implemented, allow the customer to manage many of the required services. This means an economy of resources for the company and more focus on development rather that simple support.

Whatever the field that you work in is, you can be sure that your specific needs will find their solutions with Telecom Data Consulting –