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Communications solutions and the main ways to use them

It`s been a long time since the telecom notion is not related only to telephones and PBX. Technology has developed in different areas and it is now using the telecom solutions in many different fields and forms. That is why explaining what we ( actually do is not as simple as you might think and that is also why we never get bored by our work ?

  1. External communications

Whether we talk about classic communications through PBX, private cloud solutions, complex call centers with inbound and outbound solutions, telecom is everywhere. No business could develop without paying particular attention to this aspect.

  1. Internal communications

For the performance of a company, the internal communication is just as important as the external one. We live in the world of flexibility and dynamism, where people get to work anytime from any place. Solutions such as UCC (Unified Communications and Collaborations) are becoming more complex every day and they help the most performant companies to keep the work flow at the desired level.

  1. Coordinating processes

The telecom systems are great tools for managers and coordinators. They can help monitor and manage entire work flows, such as those necessary in businesses like hotels, commercial centers, hypermarkets etc.

SIP-DECT setups, as well as integrated automatic services can help any team to communicate efficiently and to maintain a work-flow that can actually help the development of the business.

  1. Security systems

In today`s world, modern Security solutions are not an option, they are a MUST. Furthermore, the telecom systems have helped this field to develop in the last years, getting to levels that seemed part of a SF movie a while ago. When we talk about alarm systems, we talk about telecommunications as well and the areas of application for these solutions are numerous. Telecom Data Consulting provides services such as:

  • Integrated security solutions (video, access control, fire detection etc.)
  • Professional WiFi solutions of medium & high density
  • Urban Video Surveillance
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Lighting (based on LED technology)
  • Smart Traffic
  • Scanning & Archiving
  • Electronic class book

As you can see, there may me a lot more reasons to contact us and let us help your company develop! –