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4 ways to improve your call-center performances

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4 ways to improve your call-center performances

Autumn is here! We are all getting ready for a new season of business performances. Summer was a great time to think about all the necessary upgrades that need to be made in order to make of your company the most profitable one so far. Now it is time to implement them! You need to take each department separately and see what you have to do, but let`s start with your call center.

Considering the interaction that a call center has with your (potential) clients, it is easy to understand why investing in it is crucial for your development.

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do improve your call center`s performances:

  1. Implement unified communication solutions for your call center

Call center agents collect important data about your clients and potential clients, but they could also benefit a lot of knowing more about the one that they are calling or the one that is calling. How many times has he/she called? What is his/her relationship with the company? What is his/her customer profile etc.

This can be done by integrating the call center into your UC solution. With an integrated screen pop solution, agents have better access to customer information and can easily offer answers to any requests and update records. This reduces the cost per interaction and improves agents` productivity.

  1. Monitor and measure

No matter the size of the company that uses a call center solution, the Call Recording and Quality Monitoring technology unlocks the full potential of its business communications. It is not enough to make calls efficiently, it is also important to make the best out of the information obtained during the phone interactions with the customers. That means reports, analyses, statistics and a clear perception of the customer’s behavior, needs and tone.

  1. Integrate multimedia

When you speak about a contact center, you may think of phone interactions and maybe e-mails or other ticketing systems. However, you cannot ignore the fact that we do live in an era of social media, where everything starts on Facebook or Twitter or any other network of this kind. Therefore, it is imperative that your call center agents are able to manage chat/ social media/ telephone/ e-mail conversations, sometimes simultaneously.

  1. Make work from home possible for your agents

The future is yours if you prove yourself to be flexible and if you make your teams feel appreciated. Maybe it is time to consider implementing the necessary solutions to allow your agents to work from home from time to time.

Not only will this make them more satisfied with their work conditions, but your business will benefit of more flexibility as well.

If you want a more efficient call center, contact us and we`ll show you how it`s done –