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5 errors to avoid when choosing a new telecom solution

5 errors to avoid when choosing a new telecom solution

From our over 12 years of experience, we are able to extract 5 of the most common mistakes that clients (bigger or smaller companies) tend to make when being in the position of choosing a new telecom solution.

  1. Not thinking on a long term

Today`s telecom solutions are developed in such ways that they offer the possibility to update them, upgrade them and implement changes that make them compatible to various stages of your business`s development. However, when you need to choose a telecom solution, take care that you don`t choose a limited one, even if it may suit your purpose on a short term. Opt for modular and flexible solutions, always making sure that you can make changes if your necessities and options change.  Think on a long term and remain flexible!

  1. Postponing the choice and then implementing the solution in a hurry

In so many cases companies take months to evaluate offers and solutions until deciding which is the most suitable one. This would not be a problem if it would only be about making sure to choose everything right. However, decisions are take in a moment of crisis, when it can simply cannot be postponed anymore and the implementation is made in a hurry, without offering the necessary attention to all the details. Just because it should have been done “yesterday”….

  1. Not taking advantage of integrated systems

We`ve said it before and we`ll say it again whenever necessary – we live in an era of integrated communications. There is no need to implement various solutions for different areas of activity involved by your business. Internal and external communication as well as specific telecom components, such as call centers, can be managed together and can all be integrated in unified systems and simple terminals.

  1. Not ensuring proper training for the IT team

You can choose the most modern and performant telecom solution – good for you! – but if you do not use it properly, you might be wasting your money. It is your IT team`s job to make the best out of your new systems, but make sure that you offer them proper training before everything is up and running. Of course, you can always benefit of specialized support, but it is very important that the internal IT team “speaks the same language” and knows what to ask for when opening tickets to the support team.

  1. Not contracting adequate support for the solution chosen

You’ve made the best decision, you have your telecom provider, you install your new solution….and now what? Today`s systems are getting more and more complex and, excepting the situation in which you have an internal specialized telecom team, you need a support contract with a specialized provider. You can then be sure that you will take fully advantage of the solution chosen.

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