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How to make your hotel a top destination this season?

How to make your hotel a top destination this season?

Summer is here and the holiday mood is on! If you run a hotel (weather it is a small or a big one), you are certainly busy these days looking for every aspect that can make your clients even more satisfied with your services.

In this context, many hotels are making improvements of their services to fulfill all of their clients’ requests. Take into consideration that the new telecom technologies could help you a lot in becoming a hotel with the good reputation of a modern, well equipped place to check in at.

Using SIP-DECT setups

Enhancing the efficiency of your hotel’s activity often begins with upgrading the internal processes. Knowing where the stuff is and what every member of it is doing all the time is valuable information for the hotel’s administration and it can be obtained by using SIP-DECT solutions.

Many SIP-DECT setups bring the kind of features usually found on a fixed network to mobile workers all over your hotel, without tethering them down to specific locations. Since hotel service staff, like housekeeping, valet, concierge, and event staff are often on the go, SIP-DECT is a natural fit for hoteliers.

Integrated automatic service

Those times when the client requested the help of a member of the hotel’s stuff for basically every request are long gone. There are many things you can do by simply integrating as many of your systems as possible.

Processes such as check-in or check-out, room service or laundry service requests, answering frequent questions that clients have are only a few that can be managed with automatic apps.

From fixed to mobile phones services

Does your hotel have a fixed phone system implemented with phones in every room? Well then you should know that this is a service that the clients do not seem to appreciate or use too much these days so it is basically a waste of resources.

However, the new technology allows you to implement systems that your clients will really appreciate. By a simple pair of their mobile phone with the hotel’s PBX system, they can use their personal phones for many services – call the hotel’s stuff, ask for room service, for laundry service, for taxi services. Moreover, your staff can communicate to the client through messages even if he is not in the hotel – announce that the clothes are ready, sending reminders for important meeting, announcing that the taxi is there, that dinner will be served to the room shortly and similar things.

Mobile telephone access

Remember the times when the rooms had keys that the clients used to lose or break all the time? They got replaced by electronic cards for a better security system. However, the also often get lost and some hotels have problems with the demagnetization of the cards kept close to mobile phones or other devices.

But what is the object that the client is the less likely to lose? You are right – the mobile phone! So why not use one of the newest systems available? Whether it involves NFC technology or visually scanning a code like many airports now do with plane tickets, you can now implement a system through which the client can access his or her room by simply using the mobile.

These are only some of the features and solutions that could help your hotel’s services reach the next level of efficiency.

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