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3 reasons why summertime is no time to waste for your IT team

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3 reasons why summertime is no time to waste for your IT team

One may think that during summertime things are on slowmotion in every aspect of a business`s activity, but this is not entirely true. Top managers know how precious summer days are, when things are cooling down a little (despite the temperatures), when you finally have time to think of those many projects that are important but that were never a priority in busy times. The most important reason for autumn`s great projects is summer serious preparation.

As for your IT team, if it is as professional as you need it to be, summer is no time to waste for many reasons among which we mention the below.

  1. They can test the efficiency of the UCC – Unified Communication and Collaboration solution!

During summer holidays, the IT team has the chance to see how important is for the business that top managers and often not only them have remote access to work on different projects when the situation imposes it. Of course, everyone has the right to a quiet vacation, but big businesses never take days off and key people in a company are always requested to keep an open communication channel in case of emergency.

These necessities are solved with the right UCC solution implemented and holiday time is the one that can prove whether the one that the company has is appropriate or does it need an upgrade.

  1. They finally have time for development

The summer working days sometimes mean less tickets to be immediately solved and this is the perfect chance for the IT team to concentrate on the development of those projects that are usually postponed because of daily emergencies.

Remember how many times you`ve said that you need a new PBX but you had no time to actually ask for offers and discuss them?

How many times did you postponed the moment dedicated to analysing the options available to implement new solutions for your call center/ internal or external communication/ etc.?

…now you finally have time for all these!

  1. They can organize internal trainings and participate to different workshops

Note that not only the IT team has a more relaxed program during summer. So do the other departments. Therefore, this is the perfect time for internal technical trainings that can lead to the perfect usage of your solutions. But this is also a good time for the IT team to get out of the office and take part in workshops and presentations to get familiar with the latest technologies.

So, however you see it, summer can be full of opportunities and it is certainly no time to waste.

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