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What do you get by using a UCC solution? PART II

What do you get by using a UCC solution? PART II

If we haven`t convinced you in our previous article that your business could really use a UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) system, here are further arguments that you should take into consideration.

Main functions that you can use by choosing a UCC solution:

  • You have the possibility to collaborate with persons outside the team that do not need a software installed. There is no need to install a certain program on the mobile phone or their computers. All they need to use is their standard web browser to access the audio stream, to see the desktop of the one that initiated the session. They can interact by rising their hand to ask a question or they can express their opinion through options such as “thumbs us” and „thumbs down”;
  • File transfer is possible;
  • The file management is simple, since they can be stocked in a public or private place and then downloaded by all participants during the work session;
  • The system offers the possibility to organize polls in order to receive feedback from the participants;
  • Conferences can be registered and any session can then be distributed to participants;
  • Personalized access codes.

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