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What do you get by using a UCC solution? PART I

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What do you get by using a UCC solution? PART I

Lately, we`ve noticed that there are more request from our clients asking about whether they should use a unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solution or not, considering the fact that their necessities in terms of remote work are growing. They need to organize work sessions and develop projects with members of the team and collaborators located in different parts of the world.

A UCC system integrates many features in a single efficient system – organize audio and video conferences, interactive documents and presentations editing – all these through a secured connection.

Here are the main functions that you can use by choosing a UCC solution:

  • The possibility of scheduling a collaboration session or to initiate it immediately. Participants can join it anytime (whether they are being contacted of they ask to be included themselves);
  • The participants management is very simple, since moderators have the possibility of adding or eliminating a participant at any time, of controlling the communication flow (activating/deactivating the microphone of the speakers as needed) and monitoring their performance;
  • The possibility of sharing the application or the desktop (full or partial) so the other participant to the working session can see the document and different apps opened by one of them;
  • Multi-point video conferences that can have up to 300 participants;
  • Private and public chat;
  • Remote control of another user desktop, which rises the efficiency of team-developed tasks and also allows the team to solve faster any technical issued encountered by some clients.

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