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Do you want a more flexible but also secure business? Than you clearly need this!

Do you want a more flexible but also secure business? Than you clearly need this!

The companies these days have a growing need for tools and systems that allow their teams to work remotely – from home or any other place. Although there are some good free options available on the market, companies are advised to use professional solutions if they want to make sure they do not expose their activity to any risk.

That is why we speak more often of the unified communication and collaboration solutions provided by our partners such as Mitel or Avaya and we recommend them to our clients. Here are their main advantages:


When speaking about the main benefits offered by these solutions, we start with their high level of security, built by encrypting communications. This makes them perfectly adaptable to already existing systems in each company. Using professional solutions instead of free tools is essential in fulfilling the criteria requested through the international security standards.

SUPPORT included

Furthermore, by implementing a professional solution, one also receives specialized support from the telecommunications company providing it. This is the most efficient package that can help the company to fully benefit of all the features included in the solution chosen.

Safe and SIMPLE

As complex as they might sound, the integrated communications and collaboration solutions are actually really simple to implement. Their main advantage in these regard is the fact that they perfectly integrate to the existing IT systems used by the companies, weather you choose to implement them directly to the equipment or you choose a private or external cloud.

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