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Top 3 questions telecom clients ask when looking for a new telecom solution

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Top 3 questions telecom clients ask when looking for a new telecom solution

Our over 12 years of experience in the telecommunications field have taught us many things about how the clients analyze the solutions they buy, what is important for them but also about what mistakes they tend to do when choosing what they consider the best offer.

It all comes down to the first 3 questions that most of the clients ask when searching for a new telecom solution:

  1. Is it complicated?

Things have changed a lot during the past years and what used to be called telecom technology is now very different. We`re currently talking about unified communications and collaboration, about integrated solutions and digitalization. Of course, it might seem complicated at first, but change is something imperative for every company that wants to keep up with the current technological trends. Furthermore, with the right implementation and support, today`s solutions will only make your life LESS complicated.

  1. Is it expensive?

The price of today`s technology is very easily adjustable. It is more a matter of the client`s needs and the way the provider manages to customize its offer. There are solutions for every request and no, it is not necessarily expensive to keep your company updated to the latest technologies.

  1. Will it work for a long time without any upgrade necessary?

It might, but we`re not sure that it is desirable. Don`t get “comfortable” when it comes to technology! Solutions are so easy to change and upgrade these days that it is a pity not to make the best of them just because you are not an enthusiastic fan of change.

Of course, it is important that the solution you choose fits your company`s needs and your management`s requirement on a long term, but you don`t have to be reticent when it comes to making improvements.

In conclusion, learn your business, identify exactly the needs that your company currently has and come with an open mind to find the exact solution for you. Remember that we live these  great times when almost anything is possible in technology!

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