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You want millennials to work for you, but are you ready for them?

You want millennials to work for you, but are you ready for them?

Impressive number or articles and studies have been written about millennials and how they manage to change the world simply through their lifestyle and even their workstyle. Weather you consider these changes useful or not does not matter anymore, because companies need this generation on board for their future projects and development.

The communications field in one that has been significantly changed by millennials` request and preferences. If you work with representatives of this generation, you should take into consideration that:

  1. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 41% of millennials prefer to communicate electronically at work, rather than face to face or even over the telephone.

That brings the telecom systems to another level, leaning towards many other forms of communications, different from those considered classic. Unified communication and collaborations solutions are no longer an option, but the only sustainable one. Furthermore, they all need to have intuitive interface, since millennials are not big fans of adapting to rigid systems, but rather want the systems adapted to their habits and preferences.

  1. The millennials are always on mobiles, weather it is for personal or business purpose.

It is imperative that the communications system you use is optimized for mobile. This is the most certain way that you can maintain a permanent, comfortable, not stressful collaboration with your millennial employees and collaborator.

  1. Millennials have a great respect for their time and freedom and that is why the number of remote workers increases every year.

In order to keep the control of your working flow and to maintain the performance level of your team, you need solutions for real-time collaboration among multiple teams and locations. Mobile-first technologies, work-streams, SMS and web conferencing solutions packed together are also a must for any company that wants to remain competitive by integrating millennials in the team.

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