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Top 3 questions you need to ask before choosing a communications solution

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Top 3 questions you need to ask before choosing a communications solution

When coming to Telecom Data Consulting in search of a communications solution and associated services, every company receives all the necessary information and consultancy. However, if you are the manager of the IT department in your company and you need to start searching for new telecom services or an upgrade, there are certain things that you need to think about first.

  1. What exactly do you need?

It could be just an extension of your current communications solution or it could be an entire new one that can serve better your company`s activity. You might have got used to the old system, but you should seriously think if is it not the moment for a change.

Today`s technology is about UCC – unified communications and collaboration. It includes unified and instant messaging, conferencing applications, teamwork and mobile applications. So just think about which ones would be useful for your company and make sure you include them in your requests to the service provider.

  1. What will you need tomorrow?

Don`t just think about today. Think about tomorrow. Before addressing a telecom provider, talk to the top management and ask them for a brief of their future plans and connect their ideas to the technical tools and apps that you think might be useful tomorrow.

If there are certain aspects of the activity that cannot yet be predicted, don`t worry. If you choose wisely a UCC solution, we will easily adapt and customize it anytime necessary.

However though, it would be helpful to have a clear image of where your company is going in terms of communications needs.

  1. What are your priorities?

Of course, it is great to have all the new features at your disposal when you choose a telecom solution or upgrade the existing one and Telecom Data Consulting can definitely offer you all that. However, you might need to choose and it is imperative that you know your organization`s priorities.

Maybe you work on many different projects and you could really use the teamwork applications. Maybe your colleagues are often working out of the office and they need the full set of mobile apps. If your company`s management works from many different parts of the country (or even world) make sure that you ask first for the conferencing (voice and video) applications.

This are only some hits that might help you. We are here to help you choose exactly what you need. We work with world top vendors, such as Mitel, Avaya or Magor, so the quality of our solutions is never a matter of concern.

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