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Why is the Romanian business market good for the telecom industry`s growth?

Why is the Romanian business market good for the telecom industry`s growth? Or at least for us 🙂

Those times when everyone said that you can only build something important in the telecom business if you left Romania and oriented towards more developed markets are long gone. Studies (such as the report of Pyramid Research) show that revenues from services on the telecom market in Romania reached USD 3 billion in 2016, and will reach USD 3.7 billion in 2021. That means that those telecom service providers who know how to approach the local market have many development opportunities.

Telecom Data Consulting is a 100% Romanian company with over 12 years of experience. We`ve managed to develop through all these years NOT despite the specific of the Romanian small and medium clients, BUT precisely because of how they work and see the future of their business.

From our experience…

  • The Romanian small and medium enterprises are flexible and open to new solutions;
  • They totally understand that if they want to fight the competition they need to make technology their allied, not their enemy;
  • Romanian companies were forced to understand fast what their priorities are and having the latest technologies in terms of communications is often one of them;
  • Romanian entrepreneurs are open to investing in technology for their business and even if they do not understand exactly the technical specifications, they hire good people who can take reliable decisions;
  • In small and medium companies in Romania decisions are taken faster and they are usually open to test and integrate new solutions.

These are all valuable facts that encourage us to believe that indeed the future is bright for the telecom sector, or at least for those companies that are not afraid to embrace sudden changes and challenges.

Moreover, as we already know, Romanian engineers are very good and appreciated all over the world and that allows us to have performant teams that offer our clients what they need and expect.

So let`s WORK and see what the future brings.

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