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How LinkedIn helps a telecom company`s development

How LinkedIn helps a telecom company`s development

We`ve been writing a lot about technical aspects of our activity, but this is an article dedicated to another important part of our business – the one related to communication and social media. And since B2B (business to business) is our main focus, LinkedIn comes as the best tool for us.

How LinkedIn helps us

Like many others, we like to keep in touch with other specialists in our field of activity and we need to keep ourselves informed in every aspect of our industry`s activity. LinkedIn proved to be a great source of information and a perfect channel for professional chats on different aspects.

Furthermore, our recently created LinkedIn company page represents a good channel to promote our solutions and activity, as well as to communicate our experience in this business.

Who do we follow and what groups are we part of

As a company, we have our official page – Telecom Data Consulting – that we warmly invite you to follow if you want to find out more about our activity. As professionals, we ourselves follow different pages and we are part of several groups that help us remain updated when it comes to innovations in the telecom business.

The Mitel page – being one of our main partners, we closely follow Mitel`s activity on LinkedIn. If you are interested in the telecom field, we sincerely suggest you to do the same, since the content you can find here could be very useful. From white papers on different topics to blog articles related to some of the newest aspects of our business, this page is a very good source of information.

Avaya`s LinkedIn page – this is an important source of inspiration for us. The marketing team publishes many interesting posts and articles related to different subjects related to the telecom field. They also have very interesting surveys that could inspire you in approaching your own clients.

Then there are the groups that help us keep in touch to our colleagues all over the world and that could be very useful when you need an opinion or a more specific information that can only be provided by someone else`s experience. Among the groups that we are part of, we can mention  Telecoms Professionals: IoT, LTE, M2M, OTT, Internet of Things, Mobile, Telecom and Unified Communications.

And last but not least, we also follow many pages dedicated to business in general. They usually belong to business magazines that often have sections dedicated to telecom/ communication/ IT. It is very important to keep a close look on the business sector as a whole if you want to build a strategy on a long term. Since we`re talking about this, we could recommend you Entrepreneur`s page on LinkedIn.

So, if you are on LinkedIn, we invite you to follow us and lets stay connected for a better understanding of the business field that we develop together!

If you`d rather keep in touch through Facebook, we are there too!