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How to make the best out of your Contact Center solution

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How to make the best out of your Contact Center solution

We`ve gathered significant experience in providing Contact Center solutions for our clients, so we now have a more comprehensive understanding of the way they usually use them and we know that there is always room for better. Although many of them choose a good and complex system, they rarely use all the tech tools that could maximize their business`s efficiency.

Our partner from Mitel recently published a White Paper with some valuable advice regarding the way a company could make the best out of its Contact Center solution. Here are some of the facts pointed out that we frequently see in our daily activity as well:

  1. Personalized reporting

There are many those who don`t invest the necessary time in customizing the way their solution provides reports. For the best measurements and conclusions, it is necessary to combine reports of different business levels. With today`s solutions, managers can remove and combine statistics from various reports, create custom calculations and combine data from different tools (e.g. SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports).

  1. Self-service IVR system

It is important to realize how much can the implementation of self-service interactive voice response help you. Not only that it reduces costs, since an IVR interaction is a lot more cheaper than a live agent interaction, but it also allows you agents to deal with more important tasks, while the IVR system deals with the simple interactions.

  1. Cloud – based contact center

We`ve spoken previously about cloud communications and how much it can help your business. It could be of great help to consider choosing a cloud-based contact center. This solution has all the benefits and functions of an on-premises solution, but it also helps in reducing costs with the IT staffing, the hardware admin while providing data protection, security and increased scalability and flexibility. This type of solution is the only one that allows you to make changes easily and with reduced costs and offer your contact center team the most modern tools that can help them being more productive.

  1. Social Media monitoring

When one speaks about a contact center, one may also think of phone interactions and maybe e-mails or other ticketing systems. However, one cannot ignore the fact that we do live in an era of social media, where everything starts on Facebook or Twitter or any other network of this kind. So one should consider implementing social media monitoring in one`s contact center solution in order to keep up with the way communication is developing in today`s society.

  1. Outbound dialing

Usually, our clients use de inbound and the outbound systems differentiated. However, the new tech tools allow a call center to combine them for a higher productivity and efficiency. Between incoming calls, agents can make outbound calls, such as marketing campaigns and sales follow-up. This leads to a really productive shift for a contact center agent.

For more “tips & tricks” about how to use your contact center solution efficiently, you can always check this White Paper provider by our partners from Mitel:

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