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What is “cloud communications” and how can it help your business?

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What is “cloud communications” and how can it help your business?

We`re sure that by now the word “cloud” is no longer a new one for you, if you`ve ever handled some technical changes for your company in the past years. However, there are still many who consider that cloud solutions are expensive ones and that they are mostly used by large companies. The truth is exactly the opposite – the small and medium companies are the ones that could benefit the most of today`s telecom technology. As for the large and extra-large businesses, cloud solutions are already something very familiar.

What are Cloud Communications` most important advantages?

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that using cloud communications systems is not the same thing as outsourcing. One of its great benefits is the fact that it allows you to keep personalizing your business, and that is often a great competitive advantage. You only get to externalize the communications infrastructure, not the business process. You eliminate server administration and you IT team is free to concentrate their resources on more important aspects of your business.

Some other advantages of using cloud communications include:

  1. Cost savings – cloud communications come with an overall lower cost per user compared to legacy PBX systems
  2. Higher flexibility – using cloud communications solutions offers users total access to all systems and platforms from multiple locations
  3. Increasing productivity – the new communications solutions help any team save time by using modern tools and applications

Who can use Cloud Communications?

Basically – Anyone! These solutions work for any business, no matter the size or the profile. But of course, there are certain customized aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Small business (1 – 100 employees)

  • The optimum solution for it is the use of public cloud. This can be easily procured on a per-user, per-month basis and can be combined with private network connections for more reliable security;

Medium companies (100 – 2.500 employees)

  • They are one of the most flexible customers, choosing public, private or even hybrid cloud solutions. It all depends on the complexity of their business process and the requirements of their contact centers

Large and Extra-large companies (2.500 – 10.000 and over 10.000 employees)

  • They often choose private cloud communications deployment models, which means having cloud benefits while achieving maximum levels of security and control. Some of them go for hybrid cloud, since it leverages existing communications investments, but also increases efficiency. Security, scalability, and third‐party integrations are key considerations for this type of business.

No matter the size of the business you run, if you`re considering using cloud communications solutions, contact us for a consultation and a customized offer –