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The new telecom technologies – a real solution for more efficient government institutions!

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The new telecom technologies – a real solution for more efficient government institutions!

Let`s speak a little bit about what new communications and data solutions can do for the Government Sector. We often complain that our institutions do not react to the public`s needs as fast as we would want them too. But how often do we question about the reasons that cause this?

Unfortunately, in Romania, we often figure out the fact that there are insufficient funds and investments in components such as the new technologies and 21st century`s technical solutions. It often happened to work on a project for a public institution and find out that the infrastructure was so outdated and old that could not even support the new solutions we could offer them. In those cases, we started the project with the complete reconfiguration of the network infrastructure.

But enough about problems, let`s talk about solutions!

Unified communications applications are one viable solution for the public institutions that want to work efficient in this era of communication and of crazy speed exchange of information. It offers to an institution single access point for all communication and collaboration needed – whether it is a phone call, fax, e-mail, video call or anything of the kind!

Imagine a mayor or any other authority who represents a decision factor and needs quick access to all information, receiving through a single mobile device any phone call, fax or e-mail, at any time.  The same device could also facilitate his quick joining of audio or video conferences, as well as sending direct tasks to his entire team with the help of the new communications apps.

Efficient communication with the citizens is vital

When you`re a public institution, everyone expects you to be prompt in communication with each citizen. This often becomes a problem when an emergency appears and your communications system is not able to handle the necessary volume of requests, inquiries and notifications!

Don`t let this happen and update your telecom system before it downgrades your reputation!

A public institution serves the public needs and the way its staff interacts with it is essential. Enhance your service to citizens through a significant reduction in abandoned calls by incorporating advanced call handling and routing. Add to this a quality monitoring solution so that you always know how the communicational process was handled and you are all set!

Inter-institutional communication – key element

As a public institution, improve your services by improving the way you interact with other institutions! Audio, web and video conferencing and collaboration applications facilitate interaction and communication among governmental companies. They lead to better performances, time and costs savings!

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